We are looking forward to welcoming MMS families back into the school on Dec 7 to talk about student learning and achievement in Term 1!  The structure will look different this year than it has in years past.  Rather than conducting formal “parent-teacher” interviews, MMS will instead host a Learning Expo.  

At the Learning Expo, students will lead a conversation with their parents, or other significant family members, as they reflect on and demonstrate their learning and areas for growth in each subject area.  Classroom teachers will be present to help guide the conversations, and provide some context to particular reflections as needed, and families will be provided with prompts and suggested questions to help further the conversation about learning.  We are excited to see our students take center stage on this evening!

Families, please be aware that there will not be time set aside on this evening for parent teacher meetings.  You are encouraged to be in contact with your child’s teacher in November if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s progress.  As well, our teachers will be in contact with the families of any students who may be having challenges in their learning.  

More information will be shared in the coming weeks about the structure of our first Learning Expo as we finalize details and get closer to the date.

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