The Mitchell Community has existed since the Mennonites first began settling in the area in the 1800’s.  The need for a school was realized and a one-room school house was built. This schoolhouse, now a restaurant, still stands by the highway welcoming all to Mitchell. The building will always remain a big part of Mitchell history.

The next big addition to the Mitchell community was the arena, soon after followed by the Mitchell CMC church and the Mitchell school.  People started to realize that Mitchell was a growing community and that business could survive here.  The Convenience Store was opened as residents voiced the desire to be able to purchase goods like milk and bread locally and not have to drive the 3 miles to Steinbach for ‘just a jug of milk or a loaf of bread’.  Mitchell now proudly boasts its own gas station, restaurant, convenience store, car dealership, butcher shop, a professional photographer or two, hair salons, bakery, gunsmith, carpentry business, appliance repair, as well as many other home-based businesses.  It is very evident that Mitchell will continue to grow as we welcome more businesses into our community.

Mitchell is definitely a family oriented community and what better way to keep children of all ages busy than with sports.  The Mitchell arena has seen many a future hockey star, figure skater and even ringette player grace the ice.  Mitchell Mustangs boast many championship teams of all ages.  But it’s not only hockey for these Mitchell families; in summer its baseball and now mini-soccer.  The Stahn family has been a big part of Mitchell history, thus the new Ball Park just north of the community was named in their honour.  This park is being used from spring until the first snowfall.  Baseball games, tournaments, practices and just spending time with the kids on the mound; it’s a great place to hang out.

The senior generation has also found our community a welcoming place.  The Mitchell Senior Centre was built as both a community hall and a meeting place for seniors in and around Mitchell.  It has served as a reception hall for weddings and anniversaries; residents have a place to vote, enjoy family gatherings, host community meetings and other celebrations. The Mitchell Senior Centre is a valuable part of our community.

Mitchell is also known for quiet neighbourhoods, yet remaining friendly during their afternoon or evening walks.  A smile and a wave, stopping to chat for just a minute, turns into an invitation to ‘come over for coffee’.  That’s Mitchell life.  Relaxed and friendly.  The Mitchell Family Fun day is another opportunity to meet your neighbours and make new friends.  This weekend event takes place in September.  The annual Spring Community Garage Sale is a great chance to bring others into our community.  This event, usually held in May, brings in thousands of shoppers as Mitchell families open their garage doors, yards and home to the public.

Mitchell is a great place to live!

Adeline Loewen
(Mitchell News Column)