Order subs ($4.50) from Subway Wednesday mornings before 9 AM.

Order pizza ($2.00) Friday mornings before 9 AM.

Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich$0.75
Chocolate Milk$1.00
Sparkling Ice Water$1.50
Juice Box$0.50
Tuna & Crackers$1.50
Hot Rod Pepperoni Stick$0.50
Cheese & Breadsticks$0.50
Cheese Strings$0.50
Mini Ritz Bits$0.75
Granola Bars$0.50
Bear Paws$0.50
Famous Amos Cookies$0.75
All Chips varieties$1.00
Treetop Fruit Snack$0.25
Fruit To Go$0.25
Fruit Cup$0.50
Wagon Wheel$0.50
Rice Krispies Squares$0.50
And many more LIMITED TIME items!