Mitchell Middle School (MMS) came into existence in January, 2004, when the Grade 5 to 9 program was separated from Mitchell School’s previous K-9 structure. As the 2015-16 school year, grade 8 students moved to the Steinbach Regional Secondary School, leaving MMS as a true middle school, including only Grades 5 to 8. We are presently home to approximately  300 students and 30 full or part-time staff.

At MMS we believe in the ‘ABC’s and the ‘4R’s. The ‘ABC’s refers to how we urge and encourage everyone to put forth their best effort in every area of school life, whether that be Academics, Behaviour, or Community involvement of all kinds (sports, music, student leadership, etc.). The ‘4R’s refers to the emphasis we place on the need for all of us to learn to consistently Respect: ourselves, each other, and property . The fourth ‘R’ is for Relationship. We believe strongly that getting to know each other as students and staff is of key importance in creating a school community in which living and learning together is enjoyable and productive.

Finally, at MMS we believe that an important part of education is to develop and practice our social responsibility, which basically means to care for each other, for people all around us and throughout the world, and for the world itself. We trust that our students will look back at their years at MMS as a time when they learned much and learned deeply, including facts and skills, but also including how to treat all others with the respect and dignity that contribute to making our community and world a better place.

We focus every day to ensure kids are always learning. Deeper learning is developed by fostering strong relationships by empowering students to enhance their academic, social, emotional and intellectual engagement. To do this, teachers use proven and innovative pedagogical practices, leverage digital, establish strong learning partnerships and create inspiring learning environments. In turn, our kids will become learners, critical thinkers, communicators, collaborators, literate and creative citizens with character prepared for a productive and wholesome life.