8:50Students allowed in school
8:57Students report to ROEs or stay in homerooms
9:00ROEs begin
9:05All students report to homerooms
9:08Announcements & O Canada. Then move to Period 1 classes
9:50Period 2 begins
10:30Gr. 7/8 Hall Break
10:39Gr. 7/8 1-minute warning
10:40Period 3 begins
11:20Period 4 begins
12:15Lunch Recess
12:45All students report to homerooms
12:50Homeroom Period
1:00Period 6 begins
1:35Period 7 begins
2:15Gr. 7/8 Hall Break
2:24Gr. 7/8 1-minute warning
2:25Period 8 begins
3:05Period 9 begins
3:40Bus student dismissal
3:45General dismissal