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Grade 5 and 7 Health Class – Letter Going Home

The Manitoba Physical Education and Health Curriculum encourages physically active and healthy lifestyles. As per provincial requirements, the Physical Education and Health Curriculum for Grade 5 and 7 students includes age-appropriate instruction on: Movement, Fitness, Safety, Personal and Social Management, and Healthy Lifestyle Practices. The purpose of these letters is to inform parents that their child(ren) will soon be receiving instruction on Healthy Lifestyle Practices as part of the scheduled curriculum unit for Grade 5 students. Within this unit –… Read More

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Parent-Teacher Meetings

Parents/Guardians, please watch for this letter that was sent home with students yesterday. MITCHELL MIDDLE SCHOOL PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES Parent Teacher Conferences are being held on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 from 4:30-6:30 pm. These conferences have been scheduled for middle of Term 2 so that our conversations can help ensure that your child will show continued growth for the rest of this term.  This will then result in positive results on the Term 2 Report Card being sent home on Friday,… Read More

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Your Child and the Middle Years Provincial Assessment

As part of the Middle Years Assessment , schools will report to parents on the achievement levels of their Grade 7 and Grade 8 children in certain key competencies (important skills). Students’ performance will be compared to mid-grade provincial criteria in certain areas (competencies) of mathematics at Grade 7, and in reading and writing at Grade 8. In addition, at Grade 7 there will be a report on students’ involvement with their learning (student engagement). In the last two weeks of January, teachers… Read More

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