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Kids on Snapchat?

There is a new feature in the popular app Snapchat. The feature gives away the users location. This is not ideal, not safe and concerning. This article will help parents help their kids to turn off this feature. A good quote from the article is: ‘Parents of teens know scaremongering doesn’t usually work, but honest and ongoing communication about how to use media responsibly can go a long way. We can talk about the riskiest elements of apps — location tracking/sharing, anonymity, chatting with strangers, etc. — and why they can lead to… Read More

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Thank you and 2017-18 at a Glance

Thank you to the MMS Staff for a great 2016-17 School Year Thank you Thank you to the students and staff of Mitchell Middle School, parents and guardians, the community of Mitchell and the Hanover School Division for a great year! I hope you have a safe and happy summer!! Get outside as much as you can. Read as much as you can and laugh as much as you can. I enjoyed my first year at Mitchell Middle School and… Read More

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Parent Advisory Council Request – We Need Help!

Dear MMS Parents, The MMS Parent Advisory Council is excited to announce that thanks to all the fundraising efforts of Mitchell parents and students over the last few years, over 40 trees have been planted on the school grounds. We know that as they grow they will be much appreciated by all the students of Mitchell Middle School. We hope to plant more trees in the coming years, but this is such a great start! In order to make sure… Read More

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