Thank you for helping make our annual magazine fundraiser another great success!  Students sold over $5,400 worth of magazines, which gives us a profit of approcimately 33% or $1,700!

This year the profits from the magazine sales by Gr. 8 students will be directly credited to the cost of their retreat at Camp Cedarwood.

Thank you to all students who sold subscriptions and to all parents and school staff who supported them in these efforts.

Just in case you missed your opportunity to order your magazine subscriptions through the school, now you can order online and your order is processed instantly.  The programs runs throughout the school year.  The school earns the same profits per subscription as on the regular catalogue program.  QSP will send a quarterly report and profit cheque to the school.

To order simply go to and enter the school name or the school group number 3739265.

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