One of the many engaging activities MMS staff and students participated in to celebrate I Love to Read Month included a cooperative story.

Each homeroom contributed a segment to a story which Mr. Plett read to the entire school today.  Enjoy our story, below!


In a galaxy far, far away…


In a galaxy far far away the species of the “WHAT WHAT” were on their way to school.  The “WHAT WHAT” children had just come back from Birchwood Camp and they were tired, very tired.  We all know what happens when the WHAT WHAT children get so very tired…


All they did was cause a ruckus and laughed at every step they took.  They were in such a goofy state of mind that they decided to get  a barrel of space monkeys.  They had no idea why they bought the barrel of monkeys, and now had to figure out a way to use them…


…but the space monkeys had other plans.  Since they had been feasting on bad bananas in their barrel, the monkeys decided to take over and capture the WHAT WHAT’s castle and its King and Queen, his majesty WHO WHO and her majesty WHY WHY.  The monkeys stole BATMAN’s spaceship, stuffed the King and Queen inside, and sent them at light speed to Earth.


As they got closer and closer to the earth, Batman’s Spaceship, the Batship,  started to malfunction. Panic welled up inside King WHO WHO and Queen WHY WHY and they clung to each other in fear.   How could the Space Monkeys do this to them!?!?  The Batship started spiraling to earth.  Suddenly, the smell of rotten banana’s filled their senses as they were seconds away from impact.


Accidently, while clinging to each other in fear, King WHO WHO and Queen WHY WHY fall over, pushing a self-destruction button.  As the Batship explodes, King WHO WHO and Queen WHY WHY plummet into the air, doomed for death.  But suddenly, Queen WHY WHY’s skirt poofs out like a bell, acting as a parachute.  Gently, they land in a strange land filled with bananas.  As they pick up a banana in hunger after their long journey, they see…


They see short, yellow creatures wearing strange circular pieces of plastic around their eyes with blue overalls covering their oval bodies.  King WHO WHO and Queen WHY WHY, who were eating all the bananas they could get their hands on, paused mid-bite at this strange site.  They listened to the strange yellow creatures gibberish and before their very eyes, the strange yellow creatures began to turn the colour purple!  All of the sudden, what was once a cute creature, became an enraged monster.  Suddenly, the enraged purple monsters began charging towards them!


But a giant unicorn leaped out and knocked the monsters aside with one kick of it’s mighty hooves, then it turned evil, hungry eyes on the king and queen. King WHO WHO noticed the necklace around the unicorn’s neck, and realized it belonged to his missing daughter! When he tried to reach for the necklace, it turned to dust and disappeared. The unicorn snorted with outrage and charged, then Queen WHY WHY noticed a black figure in the mist. The King and Queen both wondered who the black figure was, but then it all went dark and they felt the ground vibrate as the unicorn got closer…


Queen WHY WHY and King WHO WHO were preparing for the end, when suddenly a bright light flashed in the sky and blinded them. They were clinging to each other, desperately trying to find a place to hide when they tripped over what appeared to be one of the monsters! He was waving his arms wildly and whispering in a funny language they could not understand. It seemed that he was trying to say “daughter”?!? Did these strange monsters have their daughter? They could hear the unicorn madly stomping around the clearing, searching for them with it’s evil, hungry eyes. They looked at each other with desperate eyes, do they follow the strange little monster with hopes of finding their daughter, or do they stay and face the wrath of the unicorn? As they were deciding which way to go, the black figure they had forgotten about stepped out in front of them…


The black figure raised its hand with great force.  The dark figure had magical powers and it destroyed the evil unicorn.  King WHO WHO and Queen WHY WHY felt relieved, but they were still afraid of the dark figure.  All of a sudden the little purple creatures appeared and started to bow down to the figure.  She came into the light and revealed herself.  She was a beautiful princess.  King WHO WHO and Queen WHY WHY started to cry.  They were tears of joy.  They could not believe their eyes.  It was their lost daughter Princess WHERE WHERE.


Then King Whoo Who and Queen Why-Why had a big party to celebrate finding their very pretty Princess Where-Where. Now they set out to search for their long lost son Prince When When, who had been captured by the evil Dr. Slug. He was the most powerful king who ever lived, and had been using Prince When-When’s powers to help him win wars and become even more powerful so he could conquer the entire universe. On the journey to save their son, King Who-Who and Queen Why-When came to Candyland, where the wicked King Licorice captured Princess Where-Where and turned her into a gingerbread woman. Now King Who-Who and Queen Why-Why had to find the magical flower to save her, but while they were searching for it, Princess Where-Where used her Power of the Schwartz to free herself.


Princess Where-Where broke out of her cage and ran down the hall. But! She was spotted! And was dragged back into the dark cage. Then, out of nowhere, a new Prince appeared! His name was Prince Bing-Bong. Prince Bing-Bong breaks Princess Where-Where out of her cell. He tells her that he has a really big secret… the secret was that he had a huge crush on her and a cotton candy body. The two fall madly in love. <3. Prince Bing-Bong was so happy that he cried tears of candy. They eventually decided to get married.  Their children were named Where-Bing and Bong-Where. They had 2 pet fish named Bing and Bong. They became a royal family and Princess Where-Where became so famous that they gave her a new princess title.  Little did they know, that their child Bong-Where had secret powers and was secretly stolen away by Dr. Licorice. Dr. Licorice had replaced him with a clone.

To be continued…


Bong-Where used his secret powers to break out of the unknown underground lair. Meanwhile Where-Bing got suspicious of clone Bong-Where and started asking many questions that only the real Bong-Where could answer. Convincing the clone Bong-Where that he loves to go swimming, Where-Bing pushed the clone into the pool. The clone’s circuits overloaded, causing an explosion as the real Bong-Where appeared. Princess Where-Where and Prince Bing-Bong sent the doughnut police to arrest Dr. Licorice. They put him into the candy cannon and launched him to the giant Mars Bar in outer space.

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