March is a busy month for the Grade 8s as they will be registering for the SRSS. Students and parents will be receiving information about upcoming events from our school as well as directly from the SRSS. Registration is due by March 24. Before that date the following events have been planned:

  • SRSS Counselor Visit– (March 7)-Michael Thiessen (SRSS Guidance Counselor) will visit MMS and talk about Grade 9 registration with the students. Students will receive course information and paper copies of their registration forms to complete.
  • Tour Day (March 10 am)- MMS Gr 8 students will join others at the SRSS for a tour day. Students will have an opportunity beforehand to select areas of the school to experience and will have a “hands-on” tour of those areas of their new school.
  • SRSS Parent Orientation/Tour night (March 10, 6:30pm)– Parents/students are welcome at the SRSS for an Open House and Information meeting.
  • Online Registration– Registration forms will be collected at MMS (along with school fees payable to SRSS) and students will complete online registration.

**Note: There is a conflict between the Parent Orientation/Tour night and our Grade 8 boys basketball finals on March 10th. The staff at the SRSS has kindly agreed to offer two alternative times.  They are: March 10th– 1:30 pm   and    April 21st – 6:00 pm. If you would like to attend one of these alternative information sessions please RSVP to Ms. Charlotte Heinrichs via email at


Please feel free to contact Mr. Darren Martens or Ms. Jolene Kehler if you have questions about this process.

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