Letters will be sent home today with Grade 5 students regarding an upcoming Mental Health Survey coordinated by the Healthy Child Manitoba Office. The letter, quoted below, is to inform parents about the details of this survey which Grade 5 students and teachers will be completing in early May.  If you are a Grade 5 parent please be on the lookout  for this letter.

 “At any given time, at least 1 in 5 kids struggle with their mental health.  By age 21, nearly all young people will have faced mental health issues at least once in their lives.  Mental health problems can happen to any young person, regardless of age or circumstance.  To date, Manitoba had had little to no data to inform our local and provincial efforts at mental health promotion and mental illness prevention in middle childhood.  To fill this gap in our knowledge, all Grade Five classrooms across the Province have been invited to participate in the Grade Five (G5) Mental Health survey.  Data will provide the first-ever point-in-time knowledge on the mental health strengths and difficulties of all Grade Five students across Manitoba.  This will help us learn about the impacts of previous investments and actions to improve child and youth mental health, and plan for the future.”

If you have questions about this survey please feel free to contact us at the school or Sally Usher (HSD Student Services) (204) 326-9829

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