IMG_0486As a school and community, we want to say another big thank-you to those individuals, businesses, and organizations that made major monetary contributions to our MMS fitness path and playground structure project. As promised, a plaque has been put on display in the school to make that thank-you a little more tangible and permanent; take a look at it in the trophy case next time you visit our school. The names of many others could also have been included, people who served on the Playground Committee, contributed to the fundraisers, volunteered to organize or help with fundraisers, or with the actual construction process, or who helped in many other ways, but this would have required a plaque too large for our cabinet… perhaps we would have had to do another fundraiser just to pay for the plaque! So again, thanks to all who helped in this truly worthwhile effort. May it serve well the students of Mitchell Middle School and the residents of and visitors to Mitchell for many years to come.

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