gplettThis is a thank-you note that is long overdue, but seems a fitting way to close the books on my teaching career…

Thank-you parents, for always sending us your best kids, and then partnering with us to make their education and general school experience the best it can be. Thank-you for trusting me to be your children’s teacher and principal for such a big chunk of their day, their year, their life!

Thank-you students, for bringing your youthful energy, curiosity, and optimism to school. Many times your arrival has brought sudden relief from the dreariness of a day. And on days when I’ve been impatient, or when I’ve misjudged you, you have been quick to forgive and give me another chance.

Thank-you teachers, for your professionalism, for accepting new challenges every year, and for taking the high road when the other one is so tempting. Thank-you for getting to know your students personally and caring for them, especially those who need extra understanding. And thank-you for listening patiently when you hear the same anecdote or reminder from me for the umpteenth time… and for laughing at my jokes (and even for recognizing them as such!).

Thank-you EAs, for working so hard in some of the most demanding circumstances, often doing your best work and investing your deepest care in places where only you really know how difficult the job was – I have often been profoundly moved by your love and commitment to some of our most vulnerable kids.

Thank-you secretaries and librarians, for being the friendly ‘front’ of the school for all of our students, staff, parents, and community. Thank-you for many patient re-reminders of important appointments to keep and almost overdue reports to submit.

Thank-you custodians and cleaning staff for faithfully doing your jobs so well that you are too often taken for granted! Thank-you for those many times when you are expected to squeeze your long list of jobs into seriously shortened hours due to the practices and concerts that must be accommodated… and thank-you for doing so with a smile.

A wise person once said ‘Find the job that’s right for you and you’ll never have to go to work again’. Well, I would be lying if I said I’ve never felt like I ‘had to go to work’ as a teacher and principal… but not very much! Spending the past 16 years as principal of Mitchell School and Mitchell Middle School has been most enjoyable and rewarding. Thank-you, Mitchell, for making it that!

Mr. Grant Plett

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