Today we celebrated Dot Day! It was great to see so many students and staff get in the spirit of the day by dressing up with dots! img_0509

Students were encouraged to celebrate and share their imagination and creativity with a series of activities. First thing in the morning homerooms set goals about how their homeroom will make their mark at Mitchell MS in 2016-17. Click this link to see how our homerooms will make their mark this year!


We all then met in the gym to watch the story ‘The Dot’. To watch the slideshow that was presented and to watch The Dot, click here.

Michelle Sawatzky-Koop then addressed all of the students and staff about how her creativity and imagination gave her many opportunities in sports, the arts, career and life. She said that her unfair advantage is her creativity and her imagination allowed her to succeed to her wildest imagination.



Then, all students returned to their homerooms to share their , goals, imagination, interests in a creative way.


It was a great to see so many of our kids working hard and showing off their creativity. A special thanks to Michelle Sawatzky-Koop for taking time to talk to us today and sharing her story and creativity.

Please ask your children what they enjoyed about their day and the things they dream or are most interested about.

Mr. Mead





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