This week our student council organized a great week of creativity, collaboration and fun. Our students did a great job getting involved throughout the week! Warrior Week was a great success once again!

On Monday, student council organized a pep rally to explain the week to all of our students.


Tuesday was Wacky Hair Day!



Wednesday was Theme Day. Homerooms were challenged to work together to come up with a theme for their homerooms and decorate it accordingly. Great to see students working together and being creative. 8H took home the Theme Day crown for 2016!

Office and Learning Support staff       creativity-on-display-today-at-mms-for-theme-day-hsdlearns-warriorshsd_30467340882_o

Grade 5 Homeroomsgrade-5s-at-mms-having-a-great-theme-day-for-warrior-week-hsdlearns-warriorshsd_30584037615_o

Grade 6 Homerooms

Grade 7 Homeroomsgrade-7s-worked-hard-in-homerooms-collaborating-on-their-themes-great-job-hsdlearns-warriorshsd_30496196211_o

Grade 8 Homeroomsgrade-8s-at-mms-leading-the-way-for-theme-day-hsdlearns-warriorshsd_30284918450_o


On Thursday, students were encouraged to show some school pride and wear Warrior Colours.


Throughout the week, our grade 8s created games for the rest of the school to play on Friday afternoon called the Nickel Carnival. Grade 8s did a great job working together and being creative.


On Friday, students were encouraged to wear costumes and then enjoy the final event, the Nickel Carnival.

The entire school did a great job getting involved, having fun and showing off their creative side. It was a great week to be a Warrior!

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