Today, we had the chance to meet with all students to talk about the final 14 days between now and December 22, 2016.

The discussion was about how to THRIVE over the last days of 2016 rather than just surviving.


To THRIVE at school: do the small things, get involved, stay positive, try, be nice, respond with kindness, be on time, bring your stuff, help.


A couple of changes/reminders:

  • We are asking students not to be in the space beside the school and the cornfield. It is a slippery and steep area making it hard to supervise.
  • Grade 5s and 6s please take your boots off at lockers and make sure boots are cleaned off outside or on the mats before walking down the halls (IE. Keep outside – outside)
  • Gaming devices need to stay at home. If a personal device arrives at school it must be used for school work when the opportunity arrives. If students are texting parents they are asked to let their teachers know how the device is being used. If devices are being used inappropriately, the school will respond on a case by case basis. If parents hear of any inappropriate use or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact the office.

To learn more about what we spoke about please watch the slideshow for the grade your child.

Grade 5 Slideshow

Grade 6 Slideshow

Grade 7 Slideshow

Grade 8 Slideshow

How we approach the next 14 school days is important. We want to stay positive during a busy and what can be a stressful time for kids and adults.


Please talk to your child about what we talked about during these meetings. Looking forward to a great final 14 (13 now…) days of 2016!


Mr. Mead


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