After 30 plus years of being our school secretary Mrs. Schellenberg is retiring. Thursday, December 22 marks her last day.


The list of jobs that Mrs. Schellenberg has handled over the years and the number of lives she has touched is countless. A quick survey of our school and community proves this. I recently asked the school and community what Mrs. Schellenberg means to you or how she has helped.

These are some of the responses from MMS staff, students, parents and community members:

• “Judith… Not a day goes by that I don’t need something from her. She is dependable and on top of things. She’s the right balance of sweet and sassy which keeps you on your toes but cares for you when you are in need. ”
• I’ve always appreciated the quotes she sends every morning in the emails we receive from her like ‘Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. I thank you for all you have done and being there when I needed you.’
• Thanks for helping make MMS such a great place to teach! You will be missed!
• Judith kept this school running, if you ever needed an answer for just about anything… go to Judith!
• Mrs. Schellenberg was at MMS ever since I can remember and every time I walked into the office, whether it was for a band aid, to drop something off, or to show off the pajamas that I made in home ec, she was always there with a smile 🙂
• It was always nice to know that when I called the school, there would be a kind, sweet voice at the other end to take my message. Mrs. Schellenberg will be greatly missed. She has been so very appreciated over the years that our kids have been in MMS! All the best during your well-deserved retirement!
• Always happy and has brightened many thx Judith.
• She is always so happy, so caring and always on top of things. She’s so pleasant and comfortable to be around. She’s the person I go to for information about everything I need to know about the school. I will miss her a lot.
• Always friendly and helpful.
• She was so kind and friendly when she handed us our late slips
• Judith has been wonderful to our daughter Petra, and a great help to my wife and myself, Judith has
always been very welcoming anytime we have had to visit the school.
• When we knew we were relocating to Mitchell and arranged a school visit, Mrs. Schellenberg made
sure that we felt very welcome. She gave us a tour of the school and introduced us to staff that shared
interests with our son. She made sure that we knew about community events over the summer where
we might meet our new neighbours, and left us with a sense that MMS would be a great place for our
children to be. We’re sorry to hear Mrs. Schellenberg is leaving, but we wish her a wonderful
• She is always kind, friendly and helpful
• Congratulations on your retirement Judith! We have appreciated your positivity and genuine care of
our girls during their years at MMS.
• She keeps it real, and is so approachable and helpful.
• “As my neighbor growing up, you watched over my siblings and I. Now, you’ve spent the last 12 years
watching out for my sons. It was so comforting knowing the person behind the voice on the phone.
You always went above and beyond to help. THANK YOU ”
• She always greets you with a smile and is very helpful! We will miss you!
• Loving and Sweet
• Mrs. Schellenberg is very nice and understanding. When I call to say that my child is sick, she always
wishes to get well. We will miss her!
• I connected with Judith mostly by phone-sick child, appointments, family holidays, etc. Judith always
has a friendly voice and she is always sincere in the way she spoke with me. I’m so happy for Judith, that she can retire and spend more time with her family. I pray many blessings on her and her family the amount that she has blessed our family and all the families of MMS through the years! Happy retirement 🙂
• Judith is more than a secretary. She is a friend. Thank you Judith for ‘taking me under your wing’ when I first started. Your kindness and acceptance has not gone unnoticed. We’ve enjoyed many good times.
Enjoy your retirement, puttering around your flowerbeds and garden, working with your glass, and spending time with your family. Take care and don’t be a stranger 🙂
• She is amazing, all my kids know and love her.
• She is the glue that keeps MMS together and functioning. She not only was the first secretary when MES opened and got it started, she was also the first secretary for MMS and has amazing organizational skills to help develop strong ground roots and structure for a school to function not
once but twice. Mrs. Schellenberg has developed relationships with many students and staff throughout the years to make Mitchell a great place for learning and it all starts in the office where we can all say we have learned something from Mrs. Schellenberg, a great teacher and secretary. Thank You Mrs. Schellenberg. We will miss you.


I think this sums up how important Mrs. Schellenberg is to our school and community. We wish you nothing but the best in your retirement. Please don’t be a stranger. You are always welcome at Mitchell Middle School. Shakespeare said it well ‘I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.’

Mr. Mead

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