Dear MMS Parents,

The MMS Parent Advisory Council is excited to announce that thanks to all the fundraising efforts of Mitchell parents and students over the last few years, over 40 trees have been planted on the school grounds. We know that as they grow they will be much appreciated by all the students of Mitchell Middle School. We hope to plant more trees in the coming years, but this is such a great start!

In order to make sure these trees actually thrive and grow, we need your help!! We need parents that would be willing to help with watering over the summer months. The PAC will do what they can, but we can’t do it alone. There are two ways you can help:

1. Donate new or used hoses in excellent condition (we need a lot of hoses to reach the trees at the back fence).
2. Volunteer to water all the trees for one week in summer. They need a really good watering each week. If we have a heavy rain the week you are scheduled, you are off the hook, otherwise we would need you to come and water each and every new tree so they are good and soaked. More instructions would be provided to you. If you are willing, please provide the weeks you are available in your email to us and we will send out a schedule very shortly. This could be a great family activity!

Please send all your replies by June 28 to

Thanks in advance!
Your Parent Advisory Council,
Jamie, Josie, Pam, Naomi and Charmaine

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