QSP Magazine Fundraiser

Student Information – October 2017

Campaign Dates:  October 3 – 19, 2017

Payment:  By cheque payable to Mitchell Middle School (NO postdated cheques)

Parent Note: If your child is not participating in this fundraiser, please return the complete package to the school as soon as possible. Information for families with children in grade 8.

What Do I do?

  1. Take the catalogue, order forms and envelope home to your parents.
  2. If your parents or others are interested in ordering one or more magazines, fill out the order form and check that all the information is correct. See order form for instructions. Make sure your name is entered as the seller.
  3. Give the pink copy to your customer.
  4. Put the order and the money into the collection envelope (cheques preferred and made payable to MITCHELL MIDDLE SCHOOL.
  5. Return the envelope with all the orders and money to school by OCTOBER 19TH.
  6. If you are not participating, please return the complete package to the school, including all unused order forms. This will ensure there are no “lost” orders and allow others to use these forms and reduce waste.
  7. Students are encouraged to sell to family, friends, and relatives and also to neighbours who do not have children attending Mitchell Middle School. If you participated in a campaign last year, ask your past customers if they would like to renew their subscriptions.

PARENT NOTE: Please help your child ensure that the orders and payments are correct. One cheque to cover all your child’s cash transactions will streamline our work and help prevent money getting lost.

 What/How can I win?

  1. Pizza! Each student gets a free slice of pizza for every two subscriptions sold.
  2. Magazine bonuses! Maple Leaf Plush Pals with every Reader’s Digest and Best Health combination subscription sold. Plus! With each Plush Pal you earn, you’ll receive a scratch-off dot. If it says WINNER, you could have a chance to win 1 of 10 iPod Touch devices.
  3. Grand Prize! For every subscription sold, sellers name will be put into a draw to choose a prize from the QSP Prize Chart (value potentially over $200).

General Information for Buyers


  • Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you are not satisfied your money will be refunded. Customers who encounter difficulty should contact QSP directly, toll free at 1-800-667-2536. When calling QSP, please have your pink customer order form handy.
  • Although most magazines will commence delivery within 6 weeks, some seasonal publications may require up to 12 weeks to begin.
  • The Red Maple Leaf in the catalogue indicates Canadian publications.
  • Magazines are to be sold only to Canadian addresses.
  • Current subscriptions can be renewed without any overlap.


Did you know? When you order a magazine directly from the publisher all of your money leaves the community?

When you order through this program, you get the best subscription rates available anywhere, while approximately a third of your subscription costs “stays at home” to support your school’s projects!


  1. Print all necessary information on order form (Name, address, postal code, magazine code, etc.)
  2. Indicate new or renewal and amount (as per price list OR purchaser’s coupon on special offer (attach to order form).
  3. If order is a renewal, copy name and address exactly as it appears on a current address label (may be an idea to attach an old address label to your new order).
  4. Attach special offers and/or coupons to order form (premium offers not accepted-the customer may use the price but will not receive premium item).
  5. The third copy (pink) goes to customer, while white and yellow copies are returned to the school along with customer’s cheque.
  6. Place orders and cheques in the envelope supplied.
  7. Return the envelope to your homeroom teacher who will  hand it into the office.

Ordering Online

You may order online 12 months of the year. Simply go to www.qsp.ca and enter the school name or the school group number (3739265). A student’s name may also be entered when ordering so they will be credited with any rewards or prizes they may be eligible for.

Thank you for your generous ongoing support of Mitchell Middle School!

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