On October 11 we began ‘Day Wonder’ at MMS. Day Wonder happens on Day Won (one) during the first two periods. Our kids got the opportunity to choose an activity they ‘wonder’ about and want to get better at or learn more about.

During these activities students will practice the core competencies (the eight skills shown within the inner circle in the graphic below) as described in the HSD Deeper Learning Plan. Activities will range from learning to play the ukulele, improv, alternative communication, making pottery, volleyball skills, babysitting course. We finished our first round of activities today. It was an amazing start to our Day Wonder Rounds.

Kids were engaged in learning more about something they chose. The halls were empty and the classes were full of happy and engaged kids. Kudos to our staff for providing a great experience for all of our kids. The next round of Day Wonders starts on November 27, 2017. Students will make their choices on November 17, 2017.

During each Day Wonder round, a small group of staff members are given time to collaborate and learn together. Together, we are all learning.

This slideshow is how we introduced Day Wonder to our kids. please watch this.



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