A grade 7 class in Mitchell Middle School is raising money for the Today House, a homeless shelter in Steinbach.

There will be a bake sale at Christmas during the Christmas concert on December 12th. All of the proceeds will be going toward help the men and women that are staying at the Today House. Our goal is to raise $1,000, so please help us reach it.  

Every person who stays there over christmas gets a little gift from the Today House, so this money will go to support the gifts and basic needs. Come support the people in need, so we can all have a Merry Christmas.

December: 8th

We got this idea to support the today house from Residential School Survivors that are still alive now.  They have inspired 7R in this topic, if are interested in this topic you can go to  wherearethechildren.ca.  

Let me tell you about an author who recently died just this last and he spent most of his life writing a lot books that affected a lot of people.

Our class favourite is called the secret path by: Gord Downie, he was amazing and an amazing author who got diagnosed with brain cancer a year before he died and he decided to travel the world for the last year of his life and to tell people about his book.

The secret path, the secret path is about a twelve year old boy who escaped a residential school in kenora MB and his home was 600 miles away.  

This was in winter, he sadly died on his journey home and is still thought of today. This book is really good it is not an ordinary story it has song lyrics and picture of what they think what would have happened to him on his journey.  

So thank you Gord Downie and Jeff Lemire.   

December: 11th

All about the today house:  The Today House is a homeless shelter for women who are trying to get away from violence, so of course it keeper a secret where The address is mostly so they’re safe.

Like I said before it is related to residential school survivors because they are alone and need help.  

So come to the MMS Christmas concert it’s Great treats, Snack And an show with all the grades in 5-6 to junior high.  

There will be singing, a Christmas play, a GREAT BAND, a Light Show and the best part of all the TREATS!!!!

So just a reminder our goal is $1,000.  All we need from you is to come show up, stay for the show and BRING CASH!!!!

Remember this is December 12th and there is an afternoon and evening concert, for more information about the Christmas concert go to the Mitchell Middle School Website.

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