As part of the Middle Years Assessment, schools will report to parents on the achievement levels of their Grade 7 and Grade 8 children in certain key competencies (important skills). Students’ performance will be compared to mid-grade provincial criteria in certain areas (competencies) of mathematics at Grade 7, and in reading and writing at Grade 8. In addition, at Grade 7 there will be a report on students’ involvement with their learning (student engagement). In the last two weeks of January, teachers prepare the reports showing the highest, stable level of achievement reached to that point

What is being assessed?

At Grade 7 students will be assessed on:

  • number sense and number skills
  • engagement (involvement) with their learning (e.g., understands learning goals and works towards meeting them)

At Grade 8 students will be assessed on:

  • reading comprehension writing of informational texts (expository writing)

How will my child be assessed?
Teachers regularly observe students and discuss their achievement with them, and use the information to help children learn. Teachers will also use the information collected this way to prepare the required reports. An important part of this policy is involving students. The policy is designed so that students and teachers work together to improve performance in these key competencies. By involving students they will learn more about themselves as learners and take more responsibility.

Is this a provincial test?
No. The assessment is part of your child’s daily work in class. Students and teachers discuss learning goals and gather evidence of learning from different sources.

Should I try to prepare my child for this assessment?
No special preparations are required. Asking your child about the specifics of the school day, monitoring any work completed at home, and contacting his or her teachers when questions or concerns arise are all ways to let your child know that you care about school and think it is important for students to be actively engaged in learning at school.

How do these reports differ from a report card?
The Middle Years Assessment reports are one of several ways schools communicate with you on your child’s progress. Unlike school report cards, these reports focus only on the competencies described earlier. Your school will also report your child’s results to Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth.

What should I do when I receive a report?

Each report will give you an opportunity to discuss results with your child and your child’s teacher to help you support your child’s learning in collaboration with teachers.

Where can I get more information about the Middle Years Provincial Assessment?

Mitchell Middle School has the policy document Middle Years Assessment of Key Competencies in Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, Expository Writing and Student Engagement. It, as well as other documents used by teachers to implement the policy, is available on the
Internet: myreporting.html.

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