The Manitoba Physical Education and Health Curriculum encourages physically active and healthy lifestyles. As per provincial requirements, the Physical Education and Health Curriculum for Grade 5 and 7 students includes age-appropriate instruction on: Movement, Fitness, Safety, Personal and Social Management, and Healthy Lifestyle Practices.

The purpose of these letters is to inform parents that their child(ren) will soon be receiving instruction on Healthy Lifestyle Practices as part of the scheduled curriculum unit for Grade 5 students. Within this unit – children learn to make healthy decisions related to reproductive health, changes associated with puberty, and avoiding substance use and abuse. Instructional units covering topics of human sexuality will take place in same gender groupings, and will be taught by Ms. Goertz and Mr. Martens, both MMS guidance counselors, who have received training for delivery of potentially sensitive content.

Preview the grade 5 letter

Preview the grade 7 letter

We ask that signed copies are returned to homeroom teachers by Friday, March 2, 2018.


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