We are very concerned! We are very concerned about the serious and increasing danger of students crossing the #52 highway on foot or on their bicycles. Several near misses have been reported where unsupervised students came dangerously close to being hit by motorists as they were crossing the highway. The MMS school handbook indicates that students who live South of 52 should be taking the school bus to school.

Parents, if you live south of the #52 highway, we at Mitchell Elementary School and Mitchell Middle School urge you to take advantage of Hanover School Division buses and not to allow your children to walk or ride their bikes to and from school without adult supervision.

The RM of Hanover and the Mitchell LUD are working with the Manitoba Department of Highways to provide appropriate infrastructure that ensures a safe place to cross for pedestrians and cyclists. For now, please help ensure your children’s safe transportation to and from school by not allowing them to walk or cycle if it requires crossing the highway unless they are supervised by an adult. Thank-you for helping keep our/your kids safe! Mitchell Elementary School Mitchell Middle School

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