The ANTI–Fundraiser Fundraiser

Hey Parents,

As a PAC, we get that lives are busy and asking friends and family over and over to buy whatever fundraiser we’re selling can get very tiring. So this year, we present the ANTI-Fundraiser Fundraiser.

We are hoping to raise $3000 to buy some new outdoor equipment for the kids. We’re looking at soccer nets, more outdoor activities, and maybe even adding some benches in the hallway for the kids to use during the day. With over 300 kids at MMS, if we raise $10 per kid, we’d reach our goal in a flash! But knowing we have a range of budgets, no amount is too big or small to help us reach our goals!

We have set incentives to get the kids excited about the ANTI-Fundraiser Fundraiser:

  • At $1000 raised: Kids get an Extra Lunch hour Makerspace and open Gym Time
  • At $2000 raised: Kids get 2 periods of ‘Choice Afternoon’ (Day Wonder-esque)
  • At $3000 raised: Kids get 1/2 day of Day Wonder (each kid signs up for 2 x 1 hour sessions)
  • BONUS: If we raise $4000 we will WAX Mr. Meads legs!

We want to reach this goal by November 2 so donations will be accepted until then. Note: If we do not reach our goal of $3000, we might have to do some of those other fundraisers through the year so we can still buy the equipment for the kids.

You can send a cheque made out to MMS PAC or cash with your kid to school or drop it off at the school office. We will also accept e-transfers sent to with the password MMS.

Please email your PAC members if you have any questions. Thanks!

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