Day Wonder Round 2 begins soon! Our sign up day is on November 21 with grade 7s and 8s getting first crack in period 1 and grade 5s and 6s going period 2. There is a wonderful range activities being offered by MMS staff. The dates and times for Round 2 are:

  • Nov 26 – Day 2 periods 3/4
  • Dec 5 – Day 3 periods 3/4
  • Dec 14 – Day 4 periods 7/8
  • Dec 21 – Day 3 periods 5/6

Most events are free with a few requiring a small fee to take care of supplies/travel.

Options for Round 2 include:

Archery – This will be a program offered by D & G Archery. One class will be at the school to go over basic safety and sizing for bows. The other 3 classes will be at D & G Archery Range where you will be shooting at targets. COST IS $10 PER PARTICIPANT. Permission form will need to be signed by parents / guardian to participate in this off-site activity.

Become a Better Typer – Improving your typing skills with online lessons at Then test out your skills by racing against classmates and see if you can beat the teacher.

Craft Corner – Bring your knitting, crochet, needlepoint, or whatever you do to this Day Wonder session. You will get time to just work on your latest project. Must bring your own supplies.

Christmas Crafts – Make Christmas crafts to bring home.

Coding – Coding on Chromebooks. Students can use a variety of coding programs/websites to learn the basics of Python, Javascript, and other languages.

EDU Games/Helping Hands – Grade 8 Service Project- Jaxon, Spencer, Zach Come play games in the lab. Every $2 goes to Helping Hands. We are hoping to go volunteer at Helping Hands on the last Day Wonder. COST IS $2 per participant.

Floor Hockey – Grade 5/6 and grade 7/8 – Gym clothes & shoes needed.

Hairstyling – Learn to style hair – we will do braids, updos and curls. On the last day of Day Wonder we will have some younger kids join us for a hairstyling session (you get to do their hair and make them feel special!) Please bring a curler / straightener (if you have one) for later sessions (not the first one).

Improv – Be prepared to think on your feet and be a part of acting where we don’t rehearse! Must be willing to act and participate, no spectators please! 🙂

Macrame – You will learn how to use string/rope to make jewelry of different forms and/or keychains.

Makerspace – Make stuff, code stuff, play with stuff. The only limit to the Makerspace is your own creativity!

Microbit – Get Creative. Get Connected. Get Coding. The Micro:bit is a tiny computer designed for kids to learn more about electronics and coding.

Pottery 2.0 – Students will make a Christmas tree decoration and a plate or bowl. Cost is $2 per participant.

Stop Motion Animation – Create a stop motion movie from scratch! We will be using the stop motion app on the iPads and plasticine, you can also bring lego from home to use in your video. Please bring a shoebox to make the background for your movie.

Ukulele – Become a better ukulele player. Learn more chords, strumming patterns and songs. Please bring a pick, if you have one.

Skating/Hockey – At the arena playing hockey or just pleasure skating. Must have a helmet and skates. Permission form for skating in December must be handed in. Hockey players must have a mask on the helmet.

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