April 22, 2019

Hello Parents/Guardians of Children in 8F,

In 2003, the provincial and territorial ministers of education, through the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC), agreed to undertake the development of the Pan-Canadian Assessment Program (PCAP) to assess the knowledge and skills of students across Canada in the core subjects of reading, mathematics, and science. The reports for the PCAP assessments are available on the CMEC Web site (www.cmec.ca). More information about the PCAP assessment can also be find attached.

PCAP is administered to Grade 8/Secondary II students, and, whenever possible, intact classes would be selected in order to minimize the disruption to classrooms and schools. The actual and proposed PCAP administration schedule is below.


Actual and Proposed Dates of PCAP Assessments

Spring 2007 Spring 2010 Spring 2013 Spring 2016 Spring 2019 Spring 2022
Major Reading Mathematics Science Reading Mathematics Scienc
Minor Mathematics Science Reading Mathematics Science Reading
Minor Science Reading Mathematics Science Reading Mathematics


For the fifth assessment in 2019, mathematics is the primary domain, and reading and science are the minor domains. In order to assure the validity of PCAP 2019, field testing of the items was carried out in spring 2018 in a select number of schools. PCAP is administered by school staff and will take place between April 29 and May 24, 2019.

Manitoba is participating in the PCAP 2019 assessment. In Manitoba, 150 Anglophone schools and 13 Francophone schools have been selected to participate in this pan-Canadian assessment. In each of these schools, one or two classes of Grade 8/Secondary II students have been randomly selected to participate. At Mitchell Middle School, students in 8F have been selected to write this assessment. The date for that has been selected is April 30 in the AM.

The pan-Canadian summary report of the assessment results will be published in 2020. Please note, information about the administration of the assessment, such as response times, is collected to improve future iterations of PCAP and is a common part of assessment development. With regard to confidentiality, please be aware that no results by school board/district, by school, or by student will be published. The results will be published only on pan-Canadian and provincial/territorial levels for both language groups. Therefore, this assessment will not affect your child’s grades nor student file.

Thank you for supporting your child’s participation in PCAP 2019.


Jennifer Maw
Coordinator, National and International Assessments
Manitoba Education and Training

Andrew Mead
Mitchell Middle School

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