MMS, The Project 11 and KIDTHINK teams are encouraging everyone at MMS to join us in recognize Canada’s National Child and Youth Mental Health Day on May 7th. This day falls within Mental Health Week (May 6th to 12th) but is specific to children’s mental health. It was started in 2007 by two mothers in British Columbia and since 2010 has been led by a mental health organization, Family Smart, in BC. While awareness of this health promotion day has gained some momentum in BC, it is not well known or recognized in other provinces, including Manitoba. We are all well aware of the statistics related to children’s mental health and the fact that 70% of mental health disorders have their onset in childhood or adolescence.

We would like to invite you to BAND TOGETHER with MMS, KIDTHINK and Project 11 to bring awareness to this day and to children’s mental health. Everyone is encouraged to wear green headbands, hats or other green headwear on May 7th and by engaging in conversations about mental wellness in our school and community. We would also invite you to post photos on social media and tag your photos with #bandtogetherforchildrensmentalhealth

We look forward to seeing your photos and banding together to bring greater awareness to children’s mental health.


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