June 3, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Several years ago, Hanover School Division joined other rural Manitoba school divisions to form a partnership that could more effectively meet the learning needs of teachers as they seek to ensure top level student learning outcomes across the province. This partnership is called the Manitoba Rural Learning Consortium (mRLC). Over the past couple of months, HSD has begun working with the mRLC focusing on a pathway for improvement of mathematics learning for students, with a particular focus on Grades 7 and 8.

We continually look for ways to grow our students’ mathematical competencies and in collaboration with the mRLC, Hanover will begin working with an initiative called the Numeracy Achievement Project (NAP). This involves gathering data to understand where our students are at right now, and then working together with teachers across the province to assess and determine what the best next steps would be to help our students grow.  Several other rural school divisions have embarked on this project and the research is showing positive results with improvements in math learning outcomes for students.

HSD students’ first experience with this initiative will take place in the next few weeks as they complete a baseline assessment during their regular math classes. All grade 7 and 8 math classes across HSD will be involved.  This data will help give direction to the initiative as we move forward in the coming new school year. At this time, the assessment will not be used as a formal summative evaluation of student learning (i.e. it is not a final exam).  It does not count for any marks on the year end report card.

Our hope is that by embarking on this journey, HSD teachers will gain valuable insights about math learning, and students will grow in their confidence as mathematicians.

Should you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact your school principal.




Shelley Amos

Assistant Superintendent

Hanover School Division

in: General