On Wednesday, June 26, 2019 each grade group is going on a different field trip. The grade 5s are going to Assiniboia Park Zoo ($9), the grade 6s are going to Camp Manitou ($17.50), the grade 7s to Assiniboia Park and Activate ($20) and the grade 8s are going to Lasertopia and the Outlet Mall in Winnipeg ($18). There are additional fees associated with these trips. Student fees this year were used for things like: Guest Speakers, Day Wonder, Field Trips, busing etc. The goal for these Activity Day Field Trips is to celebrate the school year together as a grade group along with their teachers. The cost of attending should NOT be a limiting factor in who goes on these field trips. If the cost of this field trip is the reason your child is not attending, please contact Andy Mead directly (amead@hsd.ca or cell 204-371-6278) to make arrangements for your child(ren) to attend. It is important that EVERY child at Mitchell Middle School gets the opportunity to celebrate the year end with their classmates.

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