MMS Families, please take a few minutes to read this important letter that was emailed home today. As this directly affects the students who were supposed to be in Mrs. Broesky’s 2019-20 Homeroom a paper copy will be given later today.





June 26, 2019

Dear MMS Families,

As you know, Ms. Jolene Kehler has been appointed as the new Vice-Principal at Niverville Elementary beginning in September 2019. This has created new opportunities at MItchell Middle School in regards to our school staff.

I am proud to announce that Mrs. Jerrah-Lee Broesky will be Mitchell Middle School’s Learning Support Teacher (Ms. Kehler’s former position). Mrs. Broesky will be an excellent fit in this role as she has a huge heart for all kids and has outstanding skills in the areas of teaching and learning.

Due to this change, we have hired Mr. Scott Jodoin, to be the new homeroom teacher for what was to be Mrs. Broesky’s homeroom (6JB). Mr. Jodoin’s homeroom will be called 6J. Mr. Jodoin has been a guest teacher on numerous times this year at Mitchell Middle School. He has proven to be able to build strong relationships with students and has a very upbeat and positive attitude no matter what class he was a guest teacher in this year. Later today, we will meet with the students in 6J to let them know of this change and introduce them to Mr. Jodoin.

We are all excited to get started next school year but are also looking forward to reflecting on this year, relaxing and spending time with family and friends this summer. If you have any questions about the changes outlined above, please contact me at your convenience.


Andrew Mead


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