October 28 to November 1 is Mitchell Middle School’s annual Warrior Week!

The goal of Warrior Week is to continue to build on our strong school community.

The days for the week are as follows:

Monday – Warrior Wear Day

Tuesday – Age Day

Wednesday – Spy Day

Thursday – Classroom Theme Day

Friday – Costume Day and the Nickel Carnival

Guidelines for Costume day:

  • When choosing a costume, please remember that we are a school that has young students in the building.
  • Please choose costumes that do not contain violent themes as our younger students do come in contact with all grades throughout the day.  This would include such things such as blood, weapons (knives, guns , swords and etc. ) and in general scary imagery.
  • Face paint is okay (once again no scary images)
  • No masks please – we need to be able to identify our kids and masks also tend to obstruct vision and can lead to accidents.

See more details about each day in this slideshow.


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