Get your flu shot!
The spread of the flu!

The pediatric residents of the University of Manitoba want to encourage all children 6 months and up (and their families) to get their flu shot during the 2019-2020 flu season.


Influenza (“the flu”) outbreaks happen every year

  • The flu shot helps protect you and the people you love from getting the flu! Influenza is different from a common cold or stomach flu and in some cases can cause you to get very sick.
    • Last flu season over 200 people were hospitalized with influenza and almost half of these patients were children
  • The flu virus changes every year – so you need to get a new shot each fall, even if you got it last year
  • The flu shot is safe! Almost everyone over 6 months can get it – even people who are pregnant, allergic to eggs, or have a cold!


Pharmacists can give flu shots to anyone age 7 and up.

  • For those younger than 7 you can get your flu shot at your doctor’s office, nursing station or visit a flu clinic.

To find your nearest flu clinic visit:

Can I get more information about the flu shot?

Of course! We encourage you to visit these trusted resources to get more info!

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Signed, Dr. Lexa Fraser, Dr. Suzanne Robinson, Dr. Jonathan Ripstein, Dr. Duncan McGuinty, Dr. Linda Ding, Dr. Robyn McClelland, Dr.

Flora Shan, Dr. Karen Ballinger, Dr. James Johnston, Dr. Habeeb Alsaeed, and Dr. Jessy Burns

R3 Pediatric Residents, University of Manitoba

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