Safety and Health Information Regarding Vaping
Numerous studies across North America show that vaping is on the rise among teenage students. There is a good chance that your child has been or will be exposed to vaping and e-cigarette products. As a parent/guardian, you play an important role in helping your child make informed decisions. This resource will provide you with need-to-know information about vaping so that you are better prepared to talk with your child.

Please read more about this potentially harmful trend by following this link.

Mitchell Middle School is a Vape-Free School
Hanover School Division recognizes its responsibility to promote a healthy lifestyle and ensure a smoke, tobacco, and vape-free environment for the health and welfare of students, staff, and visitors. All schools in the Hanover School Division are vape-free. Vaping is not permitted in schools or on school property. Students caught vaping in the school or on school grounds are in violation of Manitoba law and are in breach of student conduct rules. Consequences of such actions may include but are not limited to; confiscation of the vape, disciplinary meeting, and suspension from school.

AFM School-Based Services
We are here to help. Students who are sus-pended for an alcohol/drug policy violation, or students who voluntarily request help for their substance use, are referred to an AFM Counsellor for assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to gather information that will help the counsellor and the student set goals (make an action plan based on the young person’s needs). Following the assessment, the student may continue to receive counselling on an ongoing basis. Contact the Student Services Department at 204-326-9829 for more details.

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