We have had a few students use a perfume or sanitizer that was heavily scented. We have students and staff who are scent sensitive and this exposure produces severe headaches among other adverse reactions. MMS is a scent free school and requests that staff and students use unscented hygiene products. In light of COVID-19, we still need to use unscented products, including hand sanitizer. If your child has scented hand sanitizer or perfume, please remove it from his/her backpack and encourage proper hand washing more often. The sanitizer in our classrooms and around the school are unscented and students are highly encouraged to use it throughout the day. Thank you for your attention into this matter.

As a reminder, the best way to prevent the spread of infections is to:

  • wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds;
  • avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth, especially with unwashed hands;
  • avoid close contact with people who are sick;
  • cough and sneeze into sleeve sand not hands; and
  • stay home if you are sick to avoid spreading illness to others.

If you have traveled outside the country recently, please be aware of the following information.

From Government of Canada Health – For Returning Travellers

The risk to Canadian travellers abroad is generally low but will vary depending on the destination. PHAC is closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 in other countries. Please consult the destination page on travel.gc.ca for the latest travel advice.

If you have travelled outside Canada, it is important to monitor your health when you return to Canada. While abroad, you may have come in contact with the novel coronavirus. PHAC (Public Health Agency of Canada) asks that you monitor your health for fever, cough and difficulty breathing for 14 days after you arrive in Canada. If you have these symptoms, call the public health authority in the province or territory you are in to inform them. They will provide advice on what you should do.

If you have travelled to Hubei province, China, Iran or Italy in the last 14 days, limit your contact with others for a total of 14 days, starting the day you began your journey to Canada. This means self-isolate and stay at home. In addition, contact the local public health authority in your province or territory within 24 hours of arriving in Canada.

All travellers are advised to monitor themselves for symptoms and to contact the local public health authority in their province or territory if they feel sick.

Call ahead if you suspect you have been exposed to COVID-19 abroad. Inform your health care provider or local health authority about symptoms and travel history.

Please contact the office if you have any questions or concern.


Andy Mead

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