As you know, classes at MMS will be suspended from March 23 – 27 and April 6 – 9, 2020. MMS is committed to ensuring that learning continues for all students. We have developed a Learning at Home Hub which we hope will be easy for families to navigate so they can find school work in each subject area at their grade level.

Teachers will be in regular and direct communication with their students during the next few weeks. All staff will have a  group of students that they will check in with using phone, email, Google Hangouts and other technologies. We feel it is extremely important to maintain a connection and relationship with every student while classes are suspended.

You can find the Learning at Home Hub here: 

Learning opportunities are already posted to this page for families who have requested work to be sent home this week.

Please bookmark this page as it will be the main source of learning opportunities for all MMS students and will have clear expectations for parents/guardians of what to expect and communication plans.

We will also have available a variety of paper packets for families who have limited accessibility to technology at home. We will be able to lend Chromebooks to families in need (the home must have wireless network for these to work). More information to come about the paper based work and Chromebook availability.

It is important that families and MMS teachers work together to keep all students engaged in meaningful learning, as much as possible, while regular classes are suspended. Teachers will be at school daily to be able to support kids and continue to make learning opportunities available to their students. Visitors to school during the class suspension will not be permitted.

As always, please contact the school office or homeroom teachers if you have any questions.


Andy Mead

in: General