Student Youtube Access @ Home

Youtube is the largest video sharing service in the world and can be a valuable tool in the delivery of video content in Education. Although the service and content can be valuable it is also important to know that not all content on Youtube is considered safe. Youtube admits that their content filters are not 100% accurate. In order to provide as safe a Youtube environment as possible, without limiting access to accurate material, the Hanover School Division (HSD) recommends the following:

  • Students use a Chromebook when accessing Youtube. By using a Chromebook, HSD currently:
    • Blocks all comment sections from Youtube
    • Blocks all suggested videos from Youtube (some are inappropriate)
    • Blocks all live chatting on Youtube Live Streams
    • Uses AI to analyze all video content and reactively block material if it is deemed inappropriate. This AI then alerts divisional staff and a review of the content is then conducted
    • Monitors all Chromebook activity
    • Enforces strict content restrictions for all Early Years students
    • HSD uses GoGuardian to block and restrict the access listed above
  • Students using personal devices at home should NOT be logging into Youtube with their HSD email address. Google does not provide robust Youtube management tools and therefore we cannot provide filtering or restrictions to the same level as we can with Chromebooks. It is suggested that students using Youtube at home:
    • Stay logged out of Youtube
    • Have families configure Youtube Parental Controls on devices students may use at home. Instructions can be found here: Please note that these instructions do require a parent to sign in to Youtube to enable restricted mode. Please use a home email address and not an HSD email address to configure
  • Students using a personal device AND logging into Youtube will:
    • Be able to post comments with their full name shown
    • Be able to see all Youtube suggested videos. These videos are linked to search items on the device being used and could contain inappropriate content
    • Be able to live chat on Youtube Live Streams

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