To encourage our students to be active over summer we are giving our current grade 5 – 7 students the opportunity to borrow recess equipment over the summer months.


1. Complete this form to request the equipment that you or your child would like to check out.
2. Equipment will be available for pick up through the check out window at MMS 24 hours after making a request. Items will be available for pick up until June 30, 2020
4. A maximum of 2 items may be borrowed over the summer per student.
5. This is available for students currently in grades 5 – 7
6. Items will need to be returned during the first week of school in the fall of 2020.
7. The borrower of the equipment is responsible to cover the cost of the replacement if it is lost or damaged.

There are a limited amount of each type of equipment. If a piece of equipment is requested that is no longer available MMS will contact the borrower as soon as possible.


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