Hello MMS Families!

We hope you are doing well and looking forward to school getting started on September 9, 2020.  Later this week we will be sending out MMS specific plans about necessary changes/adaptations we will be making to ensure that we start up safely and confidently

One change we wanted to give you advance information about is student fees and supplies. We have reduced our school fees substantially as our ability to take field trips, do activities outside of the school and bring in guest speakers is somewhat limited this year. If your child is taking band this year, we will not be collecting Instrument Rental fees at the start of the year until we learn more about what Band class will look like.

As well this year, we are not able to use our lockers to ensure we reduce congestion in the hallways. We have purchased a laundry basket for each child that will stay in homerooms behind assigned seats in classrooms. Students will spend the majority of their day in their homeroom so all students will have easy access to school supplies. It is important that we all keep our supplies to ourselves as sharing will not be permitted this year for sanitary reasons. Students can also use a backpack to hang off the back of their chair to keep their supplies safe and easily accessible.

To learn more about supplies and updated student fees please visit: https://mms.hsd.ca/parents/supply-lists/

We will be contacting families if  student fees have already been paid and we will come up with an individual plan for each family if original fees were paid. If families would like to pay fees prior to the start of school please do so on the Parent Portal.

Keep in touch if you have any questions.


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