Dear MMS family – we hope your child has a positive return to learning, whether that is at school or remotely.  It is awesome to see our Gr 5/6 students back in the school building again!

As our Grade 5/6 students return to school after the Christmas Break and an extended period of remote learning, we all need to refamiliarize ourselves with some of the procedures that MMS has put into place in order to ensure a safe and healthy school environment for all.  Please review these procedures with your child in Grade 5 or 6 this evening – they will be in place again on Wednesday morning

Self Screening

  • we remind all students and families to self-screen before attending school each morning
  • self screening means checking ourselves over to determine if we are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms, or asking ourselves if we have been in contact with a person who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days
  • check this link for some helpful resources in regards to self screening

Morning Arrival

  • when students arrive in the morning, they should report to their assigned cohort area outside.  See the attached map for your child’s assigned area
  • all students are reminded to attempt to maintain 2 meters of physical distance from others as much as possible
  • at 8:50 Cohort A (all grades) will be escorted inside by a homeroom teacher from their cohort.
  • After Cohort A has entered, Cohort B (all grades) will be escorted inside by a homeroom teacher from their cohort
  • Students are reminded to put on a mask and sanitize their hands as they enter the building
  • Students who arrive after their cohort has entered may enter the school right away, through their designated entrance – outdoor supervisors will be available to help 

Bus Dismissal

  • Cohort A walking students will be dismissed at 3:30
  • Cohort B walking students will be dismissed at 3:35
  • Bus students (change in procedure)
    • please note this change of procedure in order to help us maintain physical distancing and prevent contact outside of cohorts
    • after the walking students have left the school, bus students will be dismissed to their lockers to get their belongings and then return to their homeroom class
    • they will wait at their desks until their bus is announced over the PA and then exit the the school through their Cohort Exit to meet their bus to help maintain social distancing while exiting.

Please be reminded that all Gr 7/8 students will continue to learn remotely from home as directed the Ministry of Education.

Please be in contact with the school office if you have any questions.

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