With the beginning of February upon us, we begin to think about Parent Teacher Interviews and Term 2 Report Cards.  It is important to us that we have conversations about your child’s achievement in the middle of the term in order to celebrate where your child is experiencing success and also identify those areas that need improvement early enough that your child will be able to see the evidence of those improvements on their Term 2 Report Card.  

Given the unsettled nature of our second Term, which has included an extended period of remote learning, it is even more important that we are able to connect with parents to discuss your child’s progress!

Parent Teacher Interviews will take place on Thursday, February 18, from 4:30 – 6:30 pm.  In compliance with current public health restrictions, all interviews will again take place using either phone or video conferencing.

If you would like to book a 10 minute appointment with one or more of your child’s teachers, please sign in to the Parent Portal, and use the scheduler found there.  Note that you will need to book a separate meeting time for each teacher that you wish to meet with.  Alternatively, appointments can be booked through the school office by calling 204-320-9488.

Because there have been a number of changes to teacher assignments in response to changing pandemic conditions, please find an updated list identifying our teachers’ currently assigned courses.  We trust this will be be helpful as you determine who you would like to speak with.


Classes That I am Reporting on in Term 2
Grade 5
Ms. Barkwell
5B All Core Subjects
Mr. Johnson
5J All Core Subjects
Ms. Loewen
5L All Core Subjects
Ms Wojcikowski
5W All Core Subjects
Grade 6
Ms. Turenne
6T ELA, 6T Math, 6T SS, 6H SS
Ms. Hinatsu
6H ELA, 6H Math, 6H Sci, 6T Sci
Ms. Patrick
6P Math, 6P ELA, 6P SS, 6R SS
Ms. Robidoux
6R Math, 6R ELA, 6R Sci, 6P Sci
Grade 7
Ms. Wareham
7B Sci, 7B SS, 7W Sci, 7W SS, 7R Sci, 7R SS
Mme. Beaudoin
7B Math, 7W Math, 7R Math
Mr. Reimer
Grade 8
Ms. Hildebrand
8H Math, 8T Math, 8H Social, 8T Social
Ms. Thiessen
Ms. Friesen
8M Social, 8M ELA, 8F Social, 8F ELA
Mr. Martens
All 8 Sci, 8F Math, 8M Math
Phys Ed
Mr. Penner
All classes
Mr. Tufford
All classes


Take note that, in accordance with current Ministry of Education and public health protocols, student learning in Term 2 has been focused upon core subject areas and Phys Ed.  Courses such as Band/Music, Arts, French, Tech Ed, and Human Ecology will not be reported on.

Parents, please be reminded that these appointments are intended to be short check ins with your child’s teachers.  If you wish to have a more in depth conversation about your child’s progress in Term 2, you are welcome to connect with your child’s teacher(s) on another day.

We look forward to meeting with you on February 18!

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